About Us

Hello and welcome! ☆

We're thrilled to offer you a window into the world of MMSTUDIO, providing insights into the creative minds behind the brand and our unique design philosophy.

MMSTUDIO is the brainchild of two passionate individuals: Manon Mackelbergh-VL and Tristan Glorie. Manon, with a background in interior design, is not only the driving force behind MMSTUDIO but also maintains a full-time role as a Project Consultant and Brand Ambassador. Her keen eye for design and her creative spirit are reflected in our jewelry, particularly in our distinctive monochrome designs.

Tristan, on the other hand, is a master's student specializing in Business Administration with an emphasis on Management and IT. He takes the helm of our digital front, managing our webshop and social media platforms, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience for our customers with his business acumen.

Balancing full-time work and studies while running MMSTUDIO can sometimes result in occasional delays in fulfilling orders. While we always strive to maintain a swift and efficient service, your understanding and support during these times is profoundly appreciated.

At MMSTUDIO, we find our niche in the marriage of the alternative with the pearl. Our designs aim to create a beautiful equilibrium between edgy, raw elements and the pure, simplistic elegance of pearls. Every piece we create transcends traditional gender norms, promoting inclusivity and versatility. These pieces are carefully handcrafted, providing a unique flair that stands out from generic, mass-produced accessories.

We are immensely proud of our monochrome, unisex designs. We believe in empowering anyone who appreciates bold, distinctive jewelry to express their unique style confidently. Each of our creations is one-of-a-kind, showcasing the blend of unconventional aesthetics and the timeless allure of pearls, underscoring our commitment to individuality and exclusivity.

In conclusion, our shared passion and dedication to our craft propels us to infuse excellence into each piece we create. Thank you for choosing MMSTUDIO - we look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey.